Poetry and Words that may not make Sense

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Cold Tea

All of the poems (if they can be called that) that will be posted to this blog are from a Wattpad book in progress with roughly the same title as this blog:

My tea getting cold. I cast a glance upon my watch, while time was passing, from whence we came to where we are going. The clown prince trumped the queen of chaos recently. So where we are going is certainly not the place we have been. Although, some question whether change has occurred this season. In Ivory Towers they blame the Rus’ but Persia has questions too.

Meanwhile, I promised myself to take a break from this cyber life, and do other things…

Featured post

The Orange Prince now meets the Desert Princes. 180 degrees from his previous 140 character edicts, he welcomes them at the dance. Meanwhile, the country next door suffers because of the “Art of the Deal.” What will become of Ancient Sumer? The State certainly is Deep, and has been since the time of Camelot. Buyer beware, and to be cautious is virtuous now.

Flip, Flop, Fit In

The Orange Prince flips the script now that he is with the in crowd. Making aggression seem like neo-conservatives in dreamland. We are not for flipping. We are not for flopping. (Yet, they do both.) “May I point to the inversion of promises once tweeted, your majesty?” “No,” is the short reply.

Meanwhile, media make nonsense, as the dawn comes in Asia. The Rus are not amused.

Ode to Generation Z

So Few have so much, and so many have so little. Through the generations, it continues thusly. Into the wee hours, they gaze at screens small. Has anything been learned? One hopes it has, and the cycle can be broken.

Meanwhile, Generation Z is coming up from behind, not believing what the others have believed, at least not entirely. We see the danger caused by three letter agencies and unfettered capital run amuck. What are they learning in 8 second intervals that we are not?

Palace Coup

The Palace Coup has begun. The General is removed from battle, as the Orange Prince is in disarray. The liberals have inverted themselves, longing for the good old days of Joe McCarthy. This was the first big mistake of the Prince. This was a battle lost.


“There is no cloud, just somebody else’s computer,” the meme went. And this is why the wizard is watching our every move. Because, it is obvious, we offer and consent – in fact we feed the wizard what he wants. In between, we get an education often discomforting, and certainly overwhelming. Information overload and not enough time in our lives for it.

So, for a day, I bought the snake oil of inter planetary files –  a dangerous action to take. We’ll see how I do. Or, will the wizard send his gendarme to the door? We’ll see how I do now.

Yet cyberspace has let me down, and the great Linus has not entirely come through, as networks go unmanaged, and I sometimes must spin the router to get through. Some codes and wicd answer the problem, but will it persist.

No matter, I fear the gendarme of the wizard now.

Alphabet Media Fake News

The alphabet media is burdened by their own fake news narrative. Watch as they squirm under the weight of their own fake news spewed by the second. The prince in Orange calls them out, and they are displeased. “America is transformed,” the young girl whispers. Something epic has happened.

The Governor


The Governor proclaims it is time for free tuition for all. Yet, being not of the millennial edition, I will still be heavy with debt – money loaned for an education not used. Yes. It is time. From the peanut gallery: “A little too little, a little too late.”

“Better late than never,” and clichés cancel one another out, as they save the day.

Color Revolution and False Spring


Happy Daze – what the people want is 1952 without the racism…and all our fancy gadgets. Instead, they get poverty, misery, and endless war.

Color coded revolution, a sign of a false prophet, as the Gnome fails me this time. The “Arab Spring” was not yet here, and perhaps was never meant to come.

Fake is the sincerity of the ones who write the first draft of history. What a twisted joke that leads to horror.

Yet the clown prince in orange seems to understand these things are not working. “1952 was a good year,” he thinks. “except for the racism and lack of gadgets…”

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Every now and then, in case anybody might be at all interested, I’ll post the link to the Wattpad creation this blog is based upon. Poetry and Words That May Not Make Sense.

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